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Welcome to our school

Everything necessary for your child’s development came in the original package. There’s the joy of learning and innate curiosity, waiting to ignite. There's the drive for independence and individualism, eager to burst free. There’s the hint of determination and strength of character, ready to be tested.


It’s true: our students actually look forward to coming to school. They simply love to learn. Every day, our teachers unfold and encourage, not mold and construct. Our parents believe passionately in effective education and are actively involved in the life and learning of each child. Together we prepare our children for their futures as confident, knowledgeable, and socially responsible citizens.


Ours is a warm, caring, and nurturing school offering rigorous intellectual challenge appropriate for children from 18 months old through the sixth grade. With patience and care, we awaken and cultivate the natural gifts that all children have. We prepare students for life by providing a stimulating and comprehensive academic environment in which children learn, grow, and thrive. They learn how to apply abstract concepts to concrete situations, how to look beyond the obvious for answers, and beyond the classroom for more knowledge.


For almost 50 years, we have created a school environment that securely guides children to independence. We support them as they learn and think, and we watch with pride as they take hold of their futures.

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