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Applying to

The Mother Goose Schools.

The Mother Goose Schools welcome applications from students seeking entrance at any grade level, from18 months old through sixth grade. Admission to the school typically follows a three-step process:


1. First, it is important to visit the school. Families can come see our education in action and learn more about the program.


2. If interested in applying, families should submit a completed application form. Transcripts and recommendations, if appropriate, should also be

submitted from the child’s current school. A
checklist will be provided
 as a guide to the admission process.


3. Once all application materials have been received, we will schedule an interview. Children will spend some time with a teacher, and parent(s) will meet with the head of school to learn more about the quality and nature of our program and to discuss more fully parental expectations for their children.

Our goal is to accept qualified children whose families are compatible with our curricula, methodologies, and philosophy. Decision letters are sent out  prior to the start of the school year. If you are interested in Mother Goose, please visit or call the MG school nearest you to get to know more on the following: 

  •  Tuition rates

  •  Current promos

  •  Application dates and deadlines

  •  Admission requirements

  •  Enrolment procedures

  •  Branch policies

  •  Other inquiries

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Why Mother Goose?

Our Results


Consistent with our goals and our mission, we look for progress in the whole child. And by that broader standard, our results are nothing short of phenomenal. Our students consistently exhibit:  Creativity and originality, Poise and self-confidence, Self-motivation, Self-control, Social responsibility, and Autonomy.