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Education Reimagined.

Fully accredited Montessori school for students 18 months to 12 years old. 


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Education Re-Imagined!

Our innovative approach brings out the best in every child—self-confidence, curiosity, self-expression, and academic potential. We show young people the importance of being themselves and the importance of others. Our teachers, our students, and their parents become a dynamic community; and our students are engaged in the world and their interests within a context of genuine care and encouragement.

Girl working with montesori materials.

Ours is an education that defies easy labels or categorization and goes beyond traditional notions of learning. It is an education designed to ignite and harness the natural spirit of discovery in every child. It is a place where young minds expand and spirits soar.

Boy working with montessori material.

A Unique Way to Learn

There’s nothing quite like the authentic Montessori philosophy of learning, and nothing quite like the results it yields. Here, unique learning tools, just the right amount of guidance, plenty of independence and lots of social interaction all feed into the trademark Montessori self-directed educational process. The personal interests of a child are embraced, celebrated and nurtured.

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Student giving his speech.

“At Mother Goose I learned never to say, 'I can't do it,' and that anything and everything is possible. 'I can do it!' has become the slogan for the rest of my life.”

— Allen, Mother Goose School Alumnus Batch 2011

Girl student working with montessori material.

“Now I look beyond the obvious to see how things can be different!”

— Alyanna, MG Student

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