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Growing from toddlerhood to preschool years.. 

"The most important

period of life is not the age of university

studies, but the first one, the period from

birth to age of six. 

For that is the time when

man's intelli-

gence itself, his 

greatest implement

is formed." 

- Dr. Maria Montessori

You can feel good about entrusting us with your toddler. Mother Goose Playskool’s toddler program gives each child abundant care and attention, unconditionally.

First and foremost, we encourage the toddler to trust the new outside world. Generously, we hold and nurture. Then, we encourage the toddler to trust himself. To trust that he can try and succeed.

You’ll see toddlers learning through their senses-moving freely in the prepared environment. Concentrating. Acting independently. Flexing their muscles, body and mind - and feeling strong.

Growing through the preschool years..

Sensorial The children sort and repeat by size, shape, color, touch, sound, temperature and weight, to recognize patterns, to explore trial-and-error and to classify scientifically.

Visual Perception Come in and see the children totally involved with pegboards, geo boards and parquetry blocks.

Practical Life The children do purposeful work with real-life objects, to learn organizing, sequencing and small motor development.

Math materials At Mother Goose, we facilitate understanding of basic concepts in math. Activities and exercises with Montessori materials develop each child’s grasp of digits, decimals, tens and hundreds. They prepare the child for abstract reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.

Science Look around and explore the units-in-progress on botany, the solar system, anatomy and the life sciences.

Language materials Skills grow naturally through listening, self-expression, writing, reading, storytelling and story acting. We lay the foundation for speaking, reading and writing skills that blossom through life.

Growing through the elementary years six through twelve..

The elementary program offers a continuum built on the preschool experience. The curriculum is designed to spark the imagination and motivate the child to want to learn. Our expansive curriculum includes all subjects areas, emphasizing mastery of key concepts in:

mathematics, civics & culture/HEKASI, physical education, geometry, music, EPP, language arts, reading, science & health, art, computers, filipino, christian living

Instruction is presented to accommodate various learning styles and abilities. For children ready to move beyond their peers in a subject or children needing additional academic assistance, the School works with the student, the family and support personnel to help the student formulate and achieve specific goals.

Dr. Montessori always emphasized that the hand is the chief teacher of the child. In order to learn there must be concentration, and the best way a child can concentrate is by fixing his attention on some task he is performing with his hands. All the equipment in a Montessori classroom allows the child to reinforce his casual impressions by inviting him to use his hands for learning.

Another observation of Dr. Montessori's, which has been reinforced by modern research, is the importance of the sensitive periods for early learning. These are periods of intense fascination for learning a particular characteristic or skill, such as going up and down steps, putting things in order, counting or reading. It is easier for the child to learn a particular skill during the corresponding sensitive period than at any other time in his life. The Montessori classroom takes advantage of this fact by allowing the child freedom to select individual activities which correspond to his own periods of interest.

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