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Our Family's Enduring Love Affair with Mother Goose Playskool: Nurturing and Educating our Children

My family’s “love affair” with Mother Goose Playskool, its teachers and its staff began with my niece, Jazmine.  She was our family’s first – our parents’ first grandchild and our first niece.  She would set the bar for all the kids who will follow suit.  Being the very first to enter school, we had to make sure that the choices we would make for her education would be just right.  This was when our family discovered Mother Goose.


In 1999, when Jazmine was three years old, we enrolled her in the MGP pre-school program.  To this day, we have not regretted our decision.  Jazmine’s stay in MGP helped her bloom into a confident, articulate, fun-loving and sociable child, well-equipped to face the challenges of the BIG school.  After Jazmine, six more children soon followed.  Almost year after year, we would enroll the kids in Mother Goose – Eunice, Karelle, Nico, Kaym Belly and finally, Elian.


Year in and year out, we would look forward to MGP’s various activities.  But what we cherish most as a family are not so much the academic contests that measure the children’s aptitude for learning and mastering their lessons that the MGP teachers so ably help them with.  The most memorable and enjoyable of all school events which we excitedly attend and in fact look forward to are the Festival of Words, the Christmas presentations and the Moving-Up days.  While we cram preparing for costumes and props, on these days we realize how the MGP teachers and staff painstakingly and patiently prep our kids for their “big” day.  Each poem recited, each song sang, each dance performed, is well-applauded.  And as proud as we are of our kids, we never fail to note the pride in the eyes of the MGP teachers and staff, as if our kids were their very own.


The MGP curriculum is all encompassing.  It not only concentrates on the child’s intellectual development but likewise ensures the child’s progress in terms of physical dexterity, emotional maturity and artistic expression.  Yet, while these may already be a tall order as they are, MGP still manages to be nurturing towards the children, making sure that they feel the love and support they need as they grow and develop as individuals.


Another MGP school year is about to come to a close.  Another Bustos grandchild is about to move-up from the pre-school.  Yes, Yongyong, our little boy, the seventh among the Bustosgrandkids, is leaving the pre-school.  While we can hear the collective sighs of relief of his teachers, we know that he has endeared himself to them, just as they have endeared themselves to him.  But we cannot thank the MGP teachers and staff enough for their dedication and unwavering patience with one of the most, if not the most, hyperactive among the Bustosgrandchildren.


Through the years, MGP has not waned in its commitment not only to educate, but more importantly, to mold our children into the best individuals they could possibly be at their very young age.  Because of this, Jaz, Eunice, Karelle, Nico, Kay, Belly and Yong are who they are now.


We consider our kids Mother Goose Babies.  And, because Yongyong has put his foot down and DEMANDED that he transfers to the GRADE SCHOOL in June, my family’s “love affair” with Mother Goose with continue…

By:  Gidget Bustos-Cuisia

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