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Summer fun for children 2 through age 12 

June 1st  through June 30, 2022

Join us for Summer in the City @Home! Brought to you by The Mother Goose Schools NCR Campuses, this exciting 4-week program will engage students and families in a multitude of ways. From exploring space and designing structures to writing stories and enjoying nature, the Summer in the City @HOME! program is something you won't want to miss!

This year’s program is being offered to Mother Goose families and friends.  The summer program, although implemented with a Montessori approach and seasoned teachers, is unique and separate from the school year, in that the novel experiences we design for your children evolve around: outdoors, crafts, special visitors, theater, friendships, and new favorite traditions like gardening, building tents {in your lanai or maybe in your living room}, and time for daydreaming and unstructured time with familiar and new friends.

We have designed the program to have a combination of synchronous and asynchronous lessons to keep students engaged throughout each day. Each participant will receive a kit with the materials they will need for each week, so all they will need to do is log on and enjoy the fun.



Preschool 2 through 5 years old  M-F |  9 - 10:30 AM  


All Weeks: Once Upon a Time... 

… at Mother Goose’s Summer in the City @ Home… we begin each week full of imagination and storytelling! Join us as we create our own storybooks, discover the many different ways to tell a story, learn about characters and costume design, and maybe even perform our very own play! What story will you write?


Week 1: Into the Wild 

What do lions eat? Do lizards sleep? How large was the biggest dinosaur? We will find out all that and more in this week full of animals! We will journey into the jungle, under the sea, and back in time to learn about animals around the world, both living and extinct. Come create your own animal habitat and learn how to draw all of your favorite animal friends!


Week 2: Let’s Build It!

Calling all builders and designers! Ever try to build the tallest tower with your blocks? Let’s discover ways to make it even taller! We will learn about what we need to make a building stand by itself and create our own little city out of recycled materials. Then, it’s time to decorate the inside! What kinds of buildings and colors will you choose? 


Week 3: Going Green

What makes a garden grow? Grab those gardening gloves! It’s time to learn about the process of how plants grow, create nature-inspired art, and discover the importance of bees, insects, and even weather on our environment. 


Week 4: How Does It Work?

Ever wonder how crayons are made or what makes a wheel spin? This is the week we learn all about it! Join us as we tinker with things that move, discover what happens when we mail a letter, create machines, and more. Will you invent a brand new machine?


Week 5: Science in Space 

Get ready for a journey that is out of this world! This week, we put on our astronaut helmets as we explore the solar system and beyond. Join us for art projects, creative time, movement activities, and science lessons. What new worlds will you discover?


All Weeks: Games, Play, & Team Building, Oh my! 

Wonder what it would be like to learn and play all at the same time? Join us for 5 weeks where dreams do come true! Together, we will imagine new ideas, design our own games, and turn our dreams into real life things. By the end of our adventures, you will leave with your very own set of dance moves, 3D puzzles, board games, creative mazes, and so much more. Can’t wait to have you in our team.


For children 6 through 12 years old  M-F  |  8:00-10:00AM Upper Elementary  10:30-12:30PM Lower Elementary


All Weeks: Lights, Camera...Drama Time!

Students will explore the art of storytelling in Filipino, with emphasis on narrative art, music and dance, character development, and set design. Fun theater games, acting exercises, and a final performance on Zoom will make Drama Week a smashing success!


Week 1: Into the Wild 

We’re putting the Zoo in Zoom! Students will explore the sea, land, and sky with a menagerie of fun projects. Come dressed as your favorite animal, build a birdhouse, identify animal tracks, help protect an ecosystem, design your own creature, and more!


Week 2: Let’s Build It!  

Calling all architects: Let’s draft, construct, and decorate! We will build structures big and small with a variety of materials, finding inspiration through virtual visits to landmarks in Manila and beyond. Engineering concepts like structural integrity will be tested, and students will add their unique aesthetic flair. Then, we’ll cut the ribbon for the opening of Mother Goose City!


Week 3: Going Green 

Go green with us this summer! Plant your own seeds and spend the week watching them grow. Create art from natural materials right outside your home. Find out where our veggies come from and discuss the farm-to-fork supply chain. Get an inside look at plants through green experimentation. Complete the week with our virtual garden tour, where you either show us your current gardening space or your dream garden design.


Week 4: How It Works 

Get ready, young engineers! This week, students will investigate music to find out How It Works and use their discoveries to inform their own symphonic creations. Share your favorite song, explore the science of sound, make an instrument out of recyclable materials, and maybe even perform at our virtual talent show!


Week 5: Science in Space 

Summertime is STEAM time, and it’s going to be a blast! Explore the multiverse with music, art, and hands-on science like rocket and rover building. We’ll dig into big questions like, “do aliens exist?” and, at the end of the week, show off our student-created Mother Goose Galaxy. 


All Weeks: Games & Strategy 

Attention, code-crackers and chess wizards! Students will flex their strategic thinking to design and master challenging puzzles and games. We’ll compete for resources in Catan, work together to escape a virtual room, and have tons of fun teaching each other games of our own creation.

     Registration is now open! Fee is Php15,000 for 4 weeks.