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Take a Peek Inside the Toddler Classroom 

Help Me to Do It Myself

Your child wants to be independent by nature, so we help her by making sure everything is just the right size for her to do things on her own. Small tools that fit her small hands let her make a snack and give it to her friends. A small broom gives her the power to clean up by herself. She is taught how to take care of herself and how to use the toilet. Your child will gain a set of practical life skills and self-confidence, but what's more important is that she will learn to believe that she has the power to change the world around her.

Practice Make Permanent

Most kids who don't help out around the house haven't been shown how or given the responsibility to learn. We take a different tack by carefully monitoring your kid's development, introducing the appropriate lesson at the right time, and granting ample opportunity for repeated practice until your child has reached mastery. In a culture of tolerance, trust, and regard, blunders are treated as educational opportunities.

A Joyful Experience

A child's pleasure can be used as a barometer for the success of an educational method, according to Maria Montessori. If you visit our Toddler classroom, you will observe children who are enthusiastic, involved, and attached to their instructors and peers. Because of this, your child will grow up to have an intense fondness for education and a genuine love of learning.

Ready to Move Up

Between the ages of 2.5 and 3, your child's language abilities and self-expression will flourish; she will demonstrate an increasing sense of independence and a keen interest in bigger concepts; she will frequently ask about the future beyond the confines of the Toddler Classroom. She has reached the developmental milestone that allows promotion to the Primary Classroom, where children aged 3 through 6 are taught.

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