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Primary 3-6 Years

Early Childhood SUMMER 2024-2025:

  • Dates: April 8-26 and May 6-24

  • Time: 8:30-10:30 AM

  • Fee: 3x/week (MWF) - 9,000

                                    5x/week - 10,000


Unlock your child's potential this summer with our Campessori Enrichment Program! Designed for ages 3-6, this 3-week program offers a unique blend of learning and play, igniting the imagination and creativity of young minds. Our experienced Montessori teachers will guide your child through hands-on activities that promote independence, problem-solving skills, and a love of learning. From sensory exploration and language development to math and science, your child will be exposed to a diverse range of subjects in fun and engaging way. Sign up now and give your child the gift of a summer filled with discoveries, growth, and adventure!

Our weekly themes are as follows:

1. "Discovering & Learning": This theme focuses on children's natural curiosity and desires to learn through hands-on science experiments and observations, as well as engaging activities in literacy and numeracy.

2. "Movement & Imagination": This theme fosters children's physical and imaginative skills through music, dance, games, and other movement-based activities.

3. "Numbers & Words": This theme emphasizes developing early literacy and numeracy skills through hands-on activities encouraging exploration and discovery in these critical areas.

Attending the three-week Campessori Program for ages 3-6 y/o in Mother Goose can provide several significant advantages for your child:

1. Cognitive Development: The program provides a variety of hands-on, engaging activities that help to stimulate children's minds and support their cognitive development.

2. Social Interaction: Attending the program allows children to interact and play with their peers, promoting their social skills and emotional intelligence.

3. Fun and Engaging Activities: The program offers a wide range of fun and engaging activities that keep children active and entertained while also encouraging their growth and development.

4. Continuation of Learning: The summer enrichment program provides an opportunity for children to continue learning and growing over the summer months, preventing summer learning loss and helping to maintain their academic progress.

5. Boosts Confidence: Children will feel proud of their accomplishments and will build their self-esteem and confidence through their participation in the program's various activities and projects.

6. Encourages Curiosity and Imagination: By offering hands-on activities that encourage exploration and creativity, the program helps to foster children's natural curiosity and imagination.

7. Prepares Children for the Next School Year: The program allows children to develop critical skills and knowledge that will be important for their continued growth and success in the upcoming school year.

8. Experienced and Qualified Teachers: The program is staffed by experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated to supporting the growth and development of each child in their care.

The three-week summer enrichment program at Mother Goose offers a unique and valuable experience for early childhood students, promoting their growth and development through fun, engaging, and educational activities.

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