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Teacher-guided work but central to student's interest. 

As we navigate through these unprecedented and rapidly changing times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Mother Goose are challenged to reimagine education because what we once knew and felt comfortable with as normal no longer exists. We therefore have no choice but to proactively respond to the " new normal" education landscape in order to continue with our mission of serving the educational needs of young people.


Mother Goose Schools' response to the needed shift from face-to-face classroom learning to distance/remote learning is alt (Alternative Learning).


Below please find our answers to frequently asked questions about alt:

  • What is the age range of the children accepted in Mother Goose Playskool-Marikina?
    We accept children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years old into our Montessori preschool program.
  • Will the school be implementing full face-to-face classes for the upcoming school year, or will there still be a mix of in-person and online instruction?
    Yes, we will be offering face-to-face classes for the upcoming school year 2024-2025. However, we understand that the current situation may require flexibility, and we will also offer online classes as needed. This will give parents more options and the ability to choose the learning method that best suits their child's needs. Our school is fully equipped to provide both in-person and online instruction, ensuring that our students receive a high-quality education regardless of the delivery method. Got More Questions? Call: 86925612 Email:
  • What is the ratio of students to teachers in Montessori classrooms?
    Typically, the ratio is 6 students for every 1 teacher in our Montessori classrooms.
  • What is the process for applying to your school?
    The process for applying to our school includes completing an application, providing transcripts and other relevant documentation, and participating in an interview or observation. Toddlers & Preschoolers need these documents: 1. Birth certificate 2. Online application completed. 3. Progress report (if applicable) 4. Developmental pediatricians' and therapists' latest reports (if applicable) Got More Questions? Call: 86925612 Email:
  • I'm interested to enroll my child! What's next?
    For families who are ready to move forward to register, you will be asked to complete an enrollment form online to input your information, choose your payment scheme, and enroll or make a reservation. Speak with our Admissions Assistant first to confirm slot availability. Got More Questions? Call: 86925612 Email:
  • How are children with special needs accommodated in Mother Goose?
    We work closely with families and specialists to support the individual needs of children with special needs. Got More Questions? Call: 86925612 Email:
  • How is communication between teachers and parents handled?
    Teachers consistently engage with parents through various channels such as parent-teacher conferences and open houses. Furthermore, to facilitate seamless communication and enable parents to monitor their child's activities at school, we utilize a dedicated app. This platform enhances the connection between parents and the school, fostering a collaborative and informed partnership in your child's educational journey.

In crafting alt Learning, we acknowledge the need for flexibility and the likelihood that we will make adjustments as we move forward. Our dedicated and experienced faculty are approaching this period with creativity, resilience, and a “maker mindset,” and they remain ever-ready to pivot to maximize the benefits of this unique educational moment. We are confident that our students’ experience in a Montessori-rooted environment like Mother Goose’s, which has empowered them to pursue their curiosity, to persist in their search for understanding and mastery, and to practice empathy, has put them in a strong position to adapt to learning from home. 


Please remind your children that their work is important, that they have choice in their work, and that they should take pride in their work. And, please remember as parents to appreciate their resiliency and to watch them apply themselves with joy and satisfaction. Thank you for your continued trust in Mother Goose and please let me or the teachers know how home learning is going for you and your child. Your feedback will be invaluable as we monitor and tweak our plans.  Please stay safe and healthy.  And may God bless us all!

In partnership,


Teacher Danielle B. Arellano, MA

Head of Schools

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