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Teacher-guided work but central to student's interest. 

As we navigate through these unprecedented and rapidly changing times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Mother Goose are challenged to reimagine education because what we once knew and felt comfortable with as normal no longer exists. We therefore have no choice but to proactively respond to the "new normal" education landscape in order to continue with our mission of serving the educational needs of young people.

Mother Goose Schools' response to the needed shift from face-to-face classroom learning to distance/remote learning is alt (Alternative Learning).


Below please find our answers to frequently asked questions about alt:

Alt Learning's Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Alt?

In response to these unprecedented times of lockdown and social distancing practices, alt serves as MG's launchpad for meaningful, engaging, and equitable Distance/Remote Learning for all students to ensure continuity of learning and connectedness.

What are the salient features of Alt?

Alt is a combination of online and offline learning. 2.1 ONLINE LEARNING (web-based/virtual) lt is a combination of online and offline learning. We use two formats of online learning: 2.1.1. Synchronous It is learning in real time. It is a live educational experience which allows the teacher and children to interact in real time via a video conferencing app like ZOOM and Google Meet. 2.1.2 Asynchronous It is not learning in real time. It is an educational experience via pre- recorded mini-lessons/developmentally appropriate activities/tasks using the Google Classroom. Individual Work (I.W.) Time. 2.2 OFFLINE LEARNING (paper-based) It Is important to note that Distance /Remote Learning does not always mean online learning. It can also be paper-based (offline) learning which can equitably be accessed by all students. MG teachers will prepare: 2.2.1. Learning packets of lessons, activity cards/ worksheets weekly 2.2.2. List of Recommended Printable Resources These can either be printed in the school and picked up from the office every Friday afternoon or downloaded by the parents/ guardians and printed at home.

What is Alt's curricular content and time allotment?

Whether on campus, online, or hands-on at home, the goal of our program is to engage students in ways that promote academic, social, and emotional growth. Our curriculum will continue to develop understanding in Montessori math, reading, and science/cultural studies and offer opportunities for skill development in areas that include hand and eye coordination, small and gross motor skills development, memorization, organization, and making inferences while reading. Mother Goose alt Learning wants to ensure that students are challenged meaningfully and joyfully, without adding more stress to their lives (or yours). We also want to provide our community with opportunities for continued interaction. This means ensuring time for students to connect regularly with their friends and their teachers in classroom contexts. For our parents, this means having regular communication with our teachers, Directors, and other staff who can be of assistance. Schedule varies depending on the child's level, it ranges from 30 minutes for Toddlers up to 4 hours for Upper Elementary Students.

What is the class size?

Class sizes vary depending on level. Let it be known that Mother Goose has been known for low student-teacher ratio and for its personalized education for 48 yrs now.

How much the tuition fee?

Matriculation varies depending on level. Flexible payment schemes are available. If you want more information, send us an email

Is Alt recognized by DepEd and in compliance with its MELC (Most Essential Learning Competencies)?

YES, it is recognized by DepEd and in compliance with MELC (and much more).

What equipment will we need?

To maximize the online learning experience, it would be ideal for each student to have a computer (laptop/desktop) or tablet with camera and internet access, reasonably-priced wired earphones/headphones with a built-in microphone and a colored printer.

Green and White World Environment Day Ev

Planning for your child’s education during a pandemic can be challenging at best, and we are thrilled to be able to extend our world class Montessori distance learning program to families for the school year 2020-2021! We know it can be hard to picture what home montessori learning will look like for your family, so we want to invite your child to our class sampler! Slots are very limited, so please act fast!

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We offer an all year-round enrolment process. If you are interested in having your child join us this SY 2020-2021, here is the first step to join our interest list by clicking the button below and completing the form.

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