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Distance Education the Mother Goose Way!


The Distance Learning Program at The Mother Goose Schools offers an authentic Montessori curriculum led by our experienced Montessori educators. Distance Learning is provided in three programs: Toddler (2 years old), Preschool Program (ages 3 to 6), and Elementary Program (ages 7 to 12). It is designed for parents who want the safety and security of home-based learning but still want a structured, teacher-led, homework-free education approach. Students are given daily structure, live lessons, and feedback, as well as solo work, group work, social interaction, and Montessori resources to use at home. Let your child experience our Montessori Distance Learning Program and be ready to embark on a new journey.


Preschool Distance Learning

Our Montessori-trained educators guide students through the curriculum “Works” while teaching and practicing Universal Values, Freedom Within Limits, Prepared Environment, and Practical Life. This stage helps them develop focus, motivation, and independence as reliable distance learners. Our Preschool students gain confidence, independence, trust, and a greater appreciation for their environment by practicing the Prepared Environment. Language and math skills blossom during live online lessons and offline practice time using Montessori materials provided as part of your enrollment. Students frequently spell, write in cursive, perform the four essential mathematical functions, solve problems, and show increasing enthusiasm for learning.

Elementary Distance Learning

The Montessori Approach for elementary children is reliant upon characteristics that
Dr. Maria Montessori observed in children ages 6-12 from all over the world. Building
a distance learning program means doing so while considering that children
need to be given opportunities to connect and engage with others. At this age,
they have much energy, have a sense of fairness and justice, and want to
understand things for themselves.

Using a Tablet

Mother Goose teachers will lead daily check ins and will schedule both Synchronousand Asynchronous sessions. Daily online classes are via Google Meet. Weekly packet uploads that contain lessons, printable follow-up work, suggested art activities and web links for resources will be uploaded in the Google Classroom on a Friday or Saturday.


*Preparations for the next day and chores can be performed throughout the day. Activities can be modified according to child’s readiness and developmental needs.

An authentic Montessori - Piagetian - Open Classroom School.
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