A Unique Way

to Learn.

There’s nothing quite like the authentic Montessori philosophy of learning, and nothing quite like the results it yields. Here, unique learning tools, just the right amount of guidance, plenty of independence and lots of social interaction all feed into the trademark Montessori self-directed educational process. The personal interests of a child are embraced, celebrated and nurtured.

We encourage you to visit and browse our homepage and learn more about our unique programs for children ages 18 months to 12 years old.

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Avoid the 'Summer Slide'. Learning should never stop.


Distance Learning the Mother Goose Way!

For School Year 2021-2022

We're here for you! As parents we are faced with the difficult choice regarding education for our child. We know how personal this decision

is and we are here to support your family.  If you are interested but want more information, sign up here so we can discuss our programs to fit your needs and continue your child's love of learning.

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As we navigate through these unprecedented and rapidly changing times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Mother Goose are challenged to reimagine education because what we once knew and felt comfortable with as normal no longer exists. We therefore have no choice but to proactively respond to the " new normal" education landscape in order to continue with our mission of serving the educational needs of young people.


Mother Goose Schools' response to the needed shift from face-to-face classroom learning to distance/remote learning is alt (Alternative Learning).


Below please find our answers to frequently asked questions about alt:

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Join us for Summer in the City @Home! Brought to you by The Mother Goose Schools NCR Campuses, this exciting 5-week program will engage students and families in a multitude of ways. From exploring space and designing structures to writing stories and enjoying nature, the Summer in the City @HOME! program is something you won't want to miss!

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A parent's guide to building independence, creativity, and confidence in their children using Montessori learning techniques, written by Montessori president Tim Seldin.

How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way adapts Montessori teachings for easy use at home. Packed with Montessori-based preschool activities and educational games that build confidence and independence through active learning, this authoritative illustrated guide helps raise self-reliant and creative children. Celebrate physical and intellectual milestones from birth to age six with activity checklists, and encourage development through proven child-centered teaching methods.

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