This is subject to minor changes. Final class schedule will be given before start of classes.


This is subject to minor changes. Final class schedule will be given before start of classes.

As we navigate through these unprecedented and rapidly changing times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Mother Goose are challenged to reimagine education because what we once knew and felt comfortable with as normal no longer exists. We therefore have no choice but to proactively respond to the " new normal" education landscape in order to continue with our mission of serving the educational needs of young people.


Mother Goose Schools' response to the needed shift from face-to-face classroom learning to distance/remote learning is alt (Alternative Learning).


Below please find our answers to frequently asked questions about alt:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of ALT?

In response to these unprecedented times of lockdown and social distancing practices, alt serves as MG's launchpad for meaningful, engaging, and equitable Distance/Remote Learning for all students to ensure continuity of learning and connectedness.

What are the salient features of ALT?

Alt is a combination of online and offline learning. 2.1 ONLINE LEARNING(web-based/virtual) We use two formats of online learning: 2.1.1. Synchronous It is learning in real time. It is a live educational experience which allows the teacher and children to interact in real time via a video conferencing app like ZOOM and Google Meet. 2.1.2 Asynchronous It is not learning in real time. It is an educational experience via pre-recorded mini-lessons/developmentally appropriate activities/tasks using the Google Classroom. Individual Work (I.W.) Time. 2.2 OFFLINE LEARNING (paper-based) It Is important to note that Distance /Remote Learning does not always mean online learning. It can also be paper-based (offline) learning which can equitably be accessed by all students. MG teachers will prepare: 2.2.1. Learning packets of lessons, activity cards/ worksheets weekly 2.2.2. List of Recommended Printable Resources These can either be printed in the school and picked up from the office every Friday afternoon or downloaded by the parents/ guardians and printed at home.

What is ALT's curricular content and time allotment?

3.1. For Senior Casa and Advanced Casa Pupils Classes will be Daily (Mondays to Fridays) for 1-1.5 hours with Morning Meeting, Movement, Montessori Language, Math, Practical Life, Sensorial, Mindfulness Activities, Grateful Living, Montessori Etiquette, Self Expression, Read Aloud. Large/small group activities and individual instruction will flexibly be utilized. 3.2. For Toddlers and Jr Casa Pupils Classes will be 3x/week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays OR Daily (Mondays to Fridays) for 30 minutes - 1 hour of Morning Meeting, Movement, Montessori Language, Math, Practical Life, Self Expression, Read Aloud, Work of the Hands. Large/small group activities and individual instruction will flexibly be utilized. 3.3. For Elementary Classes will be Daily (Mondays to Fridays) for 3 - 4 hours of Morning Meetings (Peace Education), Grateful Living (CL), Reading/Literacy, Language Arts (with emphasis on oral communication and written composition), Mindfulness Activity, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies for Lower Elem. and HEKASI for Upper Elem., Filipino, Co-curricular classes, including PE & Health, Visual Arts, Performing Arts. Large /small group activities and individual instruction will flexibly be utilized.

What is the class size?

Class sizes vary depending on level. Let it be known that MG has been known for low student-teacher ratio and for its personalized education for 48 yrs now.

How's assessment?

Authentic and relevant assessment will be through check-ins and one-on-one conduct of trimestral Performance Tasks.

Is ALT recognized by DepEd and in compliance with its MELC (Most Essential Learning Competencies)?

YES, it is recognized by DepEd and in compliance with MELC (and much more).

How is ALTLearning aligned with Montessori?

Since Montessori education profoundly depends on Montessori materials and its learning environment, our teachers are carefully preparing lessons that seek to be aligned with the Montessori principles while taking into account the challenges they may present at home. These activities that are identified by the teachers will engage children while confined to their homes either for a short or long period of time. Daily check-ins will be done and learning packets will be sent weekly. Brief one-on-one online sessions will be conducted if necessary.

Montessori Materials are very specific. How can MG still provide the Montessori way of teaching?

Yes, they are specific and while we are not requiring households to purchase them, these materials can be replicated at home using available materials or items on-hand and provide the same concept. We aim to unburden parents with regards to materials that is why we are preparing learning kits that already contain details that are more simplified for the parents. Teachers will be presenting lessons using Montessori materials and hopefully be able to guide the parents on how to do it at home.

When and how can I reach my child’s teacher?

Email remains the best way to contact a teacher. If you wish to speak to a teacher, please use email to set up a time for a phone call. We shall inform you of other ways you may get in touch with the teachers and vice versa as we go along.

When can I expect a response?

In most cases, you can expect a response to emails within 24 hours, excluding weekends and planned school breaks.

How much communication can I expect from the school?

The administration office will communicate with you directly should there be any updates on the COVID-19 situation that might have a direct impact on school operations. The frequency of communication from your child’s teacher will vary depending on each program.

What is the difference between MOTHER GOOSE’S ALT Learning and HOMESCHOOLING?

A key feature of alt Learning is a more active teacher presence. Teachers will guide your children through the lessons/materials of the week, provide live instruction and/or videos and screencasts in all subjects, and regularly be available for consultation to ensure that students have ample time to ask their teachers questions. We have intentionally designed alt Learning to enable teachers to provide robust instruction while parents play a supporting role. Teachers will also establish routines for work time, provide ample live and/or recorded instructions for tasks, and guide students as they work during the school day. This is in contrast to homeschooling which requires that the parents take primary responsibility for their child’s learning. This means that parents will be the ones to determine the scope and sequence of a developmentally-appropriate, DepEd- compliant curriculum, research for resources, design lessons, select instructional materials, deliver instructions, monitor student progress and behavior, and administer assessments to get feedback on academic performance among other tasks.

What equipment will we need?

To maximize the online learning experience, it would be ideal for each student to have a computer (laptop/desktop) or tablet with camera and internet access, and reasonably-priced, wired earphones/headphones with a built-in microphone. The minimum computer specifications required to run the alt Learning program’s LMS and apps are: ● i5, i7 or a9 processor (i3 processors may also be used but may run more slowly) ● 4-8 gb RAM ● 64-bit BUS (Windows) ● 512 gb (Windows) or 128 SSD (Mac) hard drive Internet access. 5 Mbps and up. Check internet bandwidth using Webcam The minimum tablet specifications required to run the alt Learning platform and apps are: ● Ver 6.0 or higher (Android) or ios 13.0 or higher (Mac) ● 1.8 ghz or higher ● 3 gb RAM ● Minimum 128 mb memory (please note that this memory capacity will likely require a dongle to transfer files) ● Wifi access - 5 Mbps and up. Check internet bandwidth using ● Webcam ● Microsoft Word or Google Docs ● Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides ● Bluetooth capability ● Keyboard for tablet (Gr. 1 and up)


In crafting alt Learning, we acknowledge the need for flexibility and the likelihood that we will make adjustments as we move forward. Our dedicated and experienced faculty are approaching this period with creativity, resilience, and a “maker mindset,” and they remain ever-ready to pivot to maximize the benefits of this unique educational moment. We are confident that our students’ experience in a Montessori-rooted environment like Mother Goose’s, which has empowered them to pursue their curiosity, to persist in their search for understanding and mastery, and to practice empathy, has put them in a strong position to adapt to learning from home. 


Please remind your children that their work is important, that they have choice in their work, and that they should take pride in their work. And, please remember as parents to appreciate their resiliency and to watch them apply themselves with joy and satisfaction. Thank you for your continued trust in Mother Goose and please let me or the teachers know how home learning is going for you and your child. Your feedback will be invaluable as we monitor and tweak our plans.  Please stay safe and healthy.  And may God bless us all!

In partnership,


Teacher Danielle B. Arellano, MA

Head of Schools